House of Secrets

 by Chris Columbus and Ned Vizzini
illustrated by Greg Call
Houe of Secret
The Walker family is looking for someplace new to live. Mr. Walker has lost his job after a mysterious accident, that he doesn’t understand who,what, how or why it happened. The family is hurting financially and can’t afford much in the way of a house since they live in San Francisco. So when the realtor shows them a huge old Victorian home, that once belonged to Denver Kristoff. The kids see something weird, scary and suspicious before even touring the house. The parents don’t and when they find out that this huge house is in their price range the saying rings true “If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is“Brendan age 12 is the middle child and only boy, he loves video games and wearing his favorite grass stained blue lacrosse jersey, torn jeans and weathered high tops. He also has fears and is scared easy but being a boy is sometimes afraid to admit it.

Cordelia is 15 years old. She is a tall, thin girl with delicate features. She is a major bookworm and quite smart. She loves reading vintage books from relatively unknown authors so living in Denver Kristoff’s home sounds like a dream come true.

Eleanor is the youngest and is 8 years old. She is very observant, and lives for adventure. On any given day you can find leaves or gum in her long curly hair. She is a quiet girl unless it’s a time she should be quiet which is what her brother and sister love about her.

The Walker children are about to go on the adventure of their life. They are going to have to stop fighting long enough to join together and battle every thing the wicked wind witch throws at them.

This book has it all from siblings that are written like real siblings. The fights Brendan, Eleanor and Cordelia have in this book sound just like fights kids have. The main feature of this book is non stop adventure! I mean this book is packed full of ever-changing adventure! Making it so much fun to read. Before you know it you’ve read all 490 pages and no time.

House of Secrets has a British military fighter pilot, pirates, skeletons, ghost, witches, ghost reanimation into a person, and so much more! House of Secrets will appeal to so many from boy and girls. The avid reader that loves and devours books to the reluctant reader that things books just don’t have enough adventure and action.

House of Secrets will be perfect for summer reading. Go to the nearest bookstore pr online store  and grab a copy of House of Secrets. The prices range from  $5.99 for a nook or kindle edition and you can read it right away. Or spend $17.99 (hardback) or $7.99 (paperback) at Barnes and Noble store and you can read it right away. You can also buy it on Amazon and have it delivered to your house for $15.20 (hardback) or $7.99 (paperback). Either way it is money very well spent. Your kid (s) and even you will enjoy this book so much. The best part it this is just book 1 so there will be more adventures from Brendan, Eleanor, and Cordelia. Off to start book 2 Battle of the Beast so we are ready for book 3 Clash of the Worlds when it comes out January 28, 2016