Duck & Goose Let’s Dance

written and illustrated by Tad Hills

original song by Lauren Savage and Ross Gruet

Duck and Goose Let's Dance Written and Illustrated By Tad Hills


Duck and Goose is a fun little book series and one that kids love. They are perfect read aloud’s that hold the attention span of the listener and create laugh out loud moments. Duck and Goose are the cutest little characters and I feel this books will become classic picture books. The bright colorful illustrations are inviting and will capture and hold the little bookworms. The sentences are simple and short which would be make this book a good beginning reader. Duck & Goose Let’s Dance is a board book so it is sturdy for lots of reading wear and hold’s up well for toting around while out and about. This book comes with an added bonus of downloading a song that accompanies this board book.

summary: Honk, quack, dance and sing with Duck & Goose in this fun new board book, which includes an original Duck & Goose song.


Bunnies everywhere

Easter is just a few days away and I’m sharing a few cute picture books that would be great to have for some bedtime, story time or holiday reading on Easter Sunday.

Here Comes Peter Cottontail by Mary Man-Kong illustrated by Random House

Here Comes Peter Cottontail by Mary Man-Kong illustrated by Random House


We all know the song but I know my preschooler’s were always surprised there was a picture book by the same title. The story is a bit long in text, depending on the age or the listeners you might need to pace it out over a day or 2 reading bedtimes. When I had the youngest preschool class I read it over lunch time, I did that a lot with longer books. The kids loved listening to stories while eating and they seemed to eat a lot better too. The illustrations are bright and colorful and fit the story to a T. This story has the Easter bunny and briefly Santa so it might not be for every house or classroom but if you celebrate these holidays than grab this classic. The book includes Easter egg holders and stickers so this might be a fun addition to the traditional egg dying session. You and your little ones can create child lit easter eggs.

summary: Children ages 3 to 7 will love to celebrate Easter with this full-color storybook based on the classic Peter Cottontail Claymation TV special from 1971. Plus, it features press-out Easter egg holders and over 30 stickers!

The Bunny Hop (Sesame Street) by Sarah Albee

The Bunny Hop (Sesame Street) by Sarah Albee


Who doesn’t love Sesame Street, well OK sadly my youngest never liked the show no matter how many times I tried. However she did love this classic picture book and we read it so many times, even when it was wasn’t Easter time. I think I loved this adorable picture book just as much as my girls and preschooler’s. Bunnies have invaded Sesame Street and the characters are finding them everywhere. Kids  will love seeing all the funny places the bunnies show up at. The Bunny Hop is adorable and I can see why it is a Golden Book story title.

summary: A riotously funny Sesame Street Little Golden Book about Easter bunnies run wild! On Easter morning, Elmo, Grover, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, and their Sesame Street friends find cute bunnies in the strangest (and funniest) places! Where did they come from?

The Pirate of Kindergarten

by George Ella Lyon

illustrated by Lynne Avril

published by Simon and Schuster Kids


The Pirate of Kindergarten is not about pirates it is a sweet picture book about a girl in kindergarten who see’s double of everything. She has double vision but never knew till one day in kindergarten they class had to take an eye test. Ginny always thought everyone saw double everything. She was fine if she put her nose in the book literally. She was fine if she squinted or closed 1 eye but with both eyes open there was trouble.

She couldn’t walk to reading circle which she loved without bumping into the chairs, she couldn’t read a book with putting her nose right up the page or closing 1 eye, the teacher always told her not to do these things. Cutting with scissors was super hard and she never knew any different.

Thanks to the school nurse she could get help and correct her double vision. She got to wear a patch and became the pirate of kindergarten. One that could do everything and only saw 1 of everything.

This picture book is a sweet book that would be great to read the first few days or week of school, if you have a student that wears a patch. A great picture book with a sweet message and explanation that helps kids understand.

Time Flies

illustrated by Eric Rohman

Wordless Picture Book Wednesday

Notable Children’s Book 1995


Follow a little birds journey and adventure into the land of the dinosaurs.  A bird flies into a dinosaur exhibit at a local museum. While perched on top of a t-rex’s tooth. After the bird takes off and soars through the museum you see the place through the imagination of the little bird.

The little bird is imagining what it would be like to fly with the first birds. Imagining that he/she is a pterosaurs or other dinosaur bird. While soaring in and out of the different exhibits within the museum the book ends with the bird flying right into the mouth of the t-rex the book started with. Little bird decides it is time to leave and join the birds of today.

This picture book is great and lends itself to some great discussions and story telling.

Some Discussion Questions you could use as prompts for read aloud time:

  • See if your child or students can name the dinosaurs  that are included in the book? You’d be amazed at how well they can say these incredibly hard names.
  • Compare what it was like between Land of the Dinosaurs and Today
  • Ask why they think the bird pretended to be flying with the big dinosaur birds?
  • Do they think the little bird will come back to the museum and play again?